Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quo Lip Gloss is the Shiznet!!

So as promised, a little later than I wanted, here is my review of Quo Lip Gloss in BABE.
What can I say about this gloss except, wow! This was the first lip gloss I ever tried from Quo and it didn't disappoint.
First things first, this gloss is VERY opaque, I don't know about you but I luv me some thick gloss. Although thick may not be the right word. I would put it on par with MAC Lipglass in terms of stickiness.

Now, personally, lip glosses don't last very long on my lips (I have a serious lip lickin bad habit!!). On average this gloss lasts about 3 hours, and I find after the main gloss has worn off, it gives your lips a nice pink stain.
But before that happens, LOOK OUT! This gloss is in your face shiny! In my mothers words, "It looks like your lips are made of glass!".
Firstly, my naked lips....
And then, BAM! Gloss!...

As for scent, there is a slight fruity scent, not over powering at all, but nice and pleasant. And there is a very light, pleasant taste to it, but it does seem to like to hang out on the back of your teeth if it does get in there. But you don't have to worry about gagging if you end up with some in your mouth!

As for the colour, Babe, I would describe it as a deep pink. I know it looks slightly red in the pictures but that is just my shoddy photography.
I picked up this gloss on sale at shoppers, I got it for 11$ but it normally runs for 15$. It's moisturizing, pigmented, glossy and amazing!

Oh and don't be scared if the tester looks like a different colour that the unopened ones. I was worried and almost didn't buy it!! The world might have ended if I hadn't bought it! LOL
And now for The Big Picture...
Just A few more...
And that my friends, is that!

I would rate this Gloss an
: A

Ciao for now,
Laura xoxo

Have You Heard?

Have you heard? EditorsCloset.com is opening a brand spankin new website. Opening TODAY at 12pm!
We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a new division for private beauty sales.
Beauty Story is the premiere destination for members-only sales in cosmetics, skin care and spa services.

Editors' Closet members have full access to BeautyStory.com using their current EC username and password.

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Are you as excited as I am? I am on stand-by for the site to go live. lol

Laura xoxo

The Best Is Yet To Come...

Welcome, my Beauties to Beautiful Canucks! A Canadian beauty blog, made by a Canadian for- well everybody.

I am a self-titled Beauty Addict currently living in Canada in the gorgeous capital region.

I'm so excited to start this blog but I am by no means a writer of any kind LOL(Do NOT ask me how I managed to pass High School English)!

Makeup and Beauty has become somewhat a passion for me, to be honest it is a baby passion, just starting out, *cough* March *cough* . But I've been trolling the web, soaking info and beauty up like a sponge. I've spent, god only knows, how much (if you ask my friends they will agree) on MAC and at Sephora <3

But one thing I've noticed is that there is a lot of American Makeup lines and Makeup and Beauty blogs that are written by women(and men) from the states, but Canada seems to get the short end of the stick. Or so it seems (Can anyone say QUO?).

I've decided that my goal is to shine some light on some Canadian brands and stores and give reviews of products from lines such as QUO, GOSH, Annabelle, Caryl Baker Visage and Inglot, (as well as all our favorites) and help out my fellow makeup addicted, Beautiful Canucks ;)

So bear with me as I get the hang of this blog (its my first one you know) and sit back, because as of tomorrow, well technically today, I will be starting out with my very first review of QUO Lip Gloss in Babe!

Till then,

Laura xoxo

Monday, June 7, 2010

What A Steal!

Deals for the week of June 7th to 13th.

Here goes, getting my feet wet with my VERY FIRST POST! Thought I'd start out with something easy enough... SALES! Not too too much going on this week, but trust me, as soon as I know you'll know. I am always hunting down a good deal and hate paying full price for almost everything! Free = good, Am i right? Now on to the deals...

The Bay: A FREE 7-piece gift with any Estée Lauder Skincare or Foundation purchase of $38.50 or more! Expires June 13th

The Body Shop: Up to 50% Off Bath & Body, Fragrance, Makeup & more. Sale starts June 7th.

MAC: Receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any CAD$65+ purchase.

Sephora: The Sephora Skin Care Challenge, is going on until the end of the year. Buy 4 skin care items (20$ or over) and receive 1 full-sized product free!
As always, 3 free samples with every purchase (lots to choose from) and free shipping for us Canucks on orders over $120.

Shoppers: Spend $50 and get 7000 points (which is equal to 10$ of free stuff, BUT, you better hurry because they are changing there point levels and as of July 1st it will cost 8000 for 10$!). Ends June 11th.

Also, Spend $50 and get 10% off & 10x the points! (Offer only available June 12 & 13th)

From Now until June30th! Spend $40 on Smashbox lip products and receive 4000 points!
When you buy a Revlon eye products, receive 3500 points! (Ends June 18th)
Maybelline Eye & Lip products, $3.99 each. (Ends June 13th)
CoverGirl select products, $4.99 each. (Ends June 13th)

Rexall: Maybelline Select products $3.99 each. (Ends June 11th)

20% off Pupa or Emani Cosmetics. (Ends June 11th)
25% off Sally Hansen Lacross Implements. (Ends June 11th)
20% off NYX and Styli-Style. (Ends June 11th)