Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quo Lip Gloss is the Shiznet!!

So as promised, a little later than I wanted, here is my review of Quo Lip Gloss in BABE.
What can I say about this gloss except, wow! This was the first lip gloss I ever tried from Quo and it didn't disappoint.
First things first, this gloss is VERY opaque, I don't know about you but I luv me some thick gloss. Although thick may not be the right word. I would put it on par with MAC Lipglass in terms of stickiness.

Now, personally, lip glosses don't last very long on my lips (I have a serious lip lickin bad habit!!). On average this gloss lasts about 3 hours, and I find after the main gloss has worn off, it gives your lips a nice pink stain.
But before that happens, LOOK OUT! This gloss is in your face shiny! In my mothers words, "It looks like your lips are made of glass!".
Firstly, my naked lips....
And then, BAM! Gloss!...

As for scent, there is a slight fruity scent, not over powering at all, but nice and pleasant. And there is a very light, pleasant taste to it, but it does seem to like to hang out on the back of your teeth if it does get in there. But you don't have to worry about gagging if you end up with some in your mouth!

As for the colour, Babe, I would describe it as a deep pink. I know it looks slightly red in the pictures but that is just my shoddy photography.
I picked up this gloss on sale at shoppers, I got it for 11$ but it normally runs for 15$. It's moisturizing, pigmented, glossy and amazing!

Oh and don't be scared if the tester looks like a different colour that the unopened ones. I was worried and almost didn't buy it!! The world might have ended if I hadn't bought it! LOL
And now for The Big Picture...
Just A few more...
And that my friends, is that!

I would rate this Gloss an
: A

Ciao for now,
Laura xoxo

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  1. I like the cool comments on the product and the great photos of your lips.

    xox Rachele
    p.s. check your text for typos :)